Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Tim O’Brien

The acclaimed novel from the award-winning author of ‘If I Die in a Combat Zone’, ‘Going After Cacciato’ and ‘In the Lake of the Woods’.

The action in ‘Northern Lights’ takes place not in Vietnam but back in the USA, as Tim O’Brien explores the after-effects of that war – on those who served, and those they left behind.

Set in the frozen wilderness of north Minnesota, it concerns two brothers, one who served in Vietnam, and has returned tough, cynical and world-weary; and the other who stayed at home. When they take off on a long skiing trip together through the frozen woods, they quickly get lost in a blizzard, and are tested to their limits as they face a battle against the elements and each other.

Reviews of Northern Lights

    • ‘A thrilling story that can be read and enjoyed simply as an adventure story but digs deeper than that.’ Irish Times
    • ‘Calling Tim O’Brien a Vietnam War novelist is a bit like saying Joseph Conrad was a Polish guy who wrote some good sea tales.’ Esquire
    • ‘The best novelist the Vietnam War has produced.’ Independent
    • ‘O’Brien is the best American writer of his generation.’ San Francisco Examiner