Nice Big American Baby

Nice Big American Baby

Judy Budnitz

‘Unforgettable and utterly affecting. You can’t turn the pages fast enough’ Dave Eggers

Judy Budnitz, author of the Orange Prize shortlisted novel If I Told You Once and the critically acclaimed collection Flying Leap. creates her own brand of stark, dystopian reality in this impressive collection of blisteringly inventive and surreal new stories. Budnitz’s first-person narrators are pitch perfect, helping the reader to see from their perspective, no matter how odd it might be. Clever, comic and perpetually surprising, these are stories that demand to be read again and again.

‘A truly talented young writer.’ Times

Reviews of Nice Big American Baby

    • Praise for Nice Big American Baby:
    • ‘An impressive talent harnessed to a wild imagination’ The Times
    • Praise for Flying Leap:
    • ‘Truly impeccable and gripping pieces of prose … There is not a story here that does not contain an unusual or striking image.’ The Times
    • ‘Judy Budnitz’s collection of extraordinarily eccentric short stories makes the heart soar’ Elle
    • ‘With a range as daring and pleasingly precocious as the title, Budnitz’s stories flirt with fairy tale, absurdism, comedy and science fiction … A series of hearteningly ambitious leaps of imagination: like fairy tales, the best of these stories have an immediacy which will endure.’ Guardian
    • Praise for If I Told You Once:
    • ‘A truly remarkable book by a truly talented young writer … somewhere between Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves and the most captivating fairy tales and folklore of old.’ The Times
    • ‘A powerful, evocative tale, shot through with a winning black humour and prose of simplicity and strength. It challenges its own assertion that ‘there are some stories that defy telling’.’ Observer
    • ‘Stunningly evocative. Budnitz astutely explores the fantasies that are spun in the individual mind about who we are and what we are, and how sometimes these illusions are as necessary to our existence as the air we breathe.’ Time Out