New Britain: My Vision of a Young Country

Rt. Hon. Tony Blair

The book from the very heart of the New Labour Party; the most personal and extensive portrait of a leader in advance of a General Election. Tony Blair gives his thinking about the future of Britain.

This book offers a unique opportunity to understand and judge Tony Blair ahead of the General Election. Never before has a party leader offered such an extensive opportunity for readers to scrutinise his beliefs, his background influences and the development of his political thinking. There will be no excuse for anyone to say that they were unaware of what Tony Blair stands for and what he thinks about a raft of policy areas – from education to taxation, from the role of the unions to the changing nature of the Labour Party, from the party’s past to the party’s future. It’s a fascinating presentation of the creeds and the convictions that shape and govern the Labour leader’s politcal instincts. This is the real Tony Blair. This is the authentic voice of New Labour – and perhaps the voice of the country’s next prime minister.

Reviews of New Britain: My Vision of a Young Country