David Flusfeder

Set in the colourful, threatened world of occupied Warsaw just before the Holocaust, this third novel by a highly praised writer tells the story of Gloria, a young Freudian analyst whose sole client, a Jewish tycoon, fakes his own suicide and thereby drags Gloria into a web of intrigue, deception and betrayal.

Gloria, the sexy, clever, appealing narrator of David Flusfeder’s brilliant third novel, is thrown into a series of adventures after the faked suicide of her sole client, a Jewish tycoon in occupied Warsaw. She is dragged into a plot to assassinate Igo Sym, one of several real-life figures appearing in the novel: a Polish movie star who became ‘Volkdeutsch’ during the Nazi occupation.

Murder, comedy, paranoia, heartache and depth psychology…these are the threads running through this vividly readable new novel by the author of ‘MAN KILLS WOMAN’ and ‘LIKE PLASTIC’. In original, sensual prose, Flusfeder has woven a novel both entertaining and thoughtful, preoccupied by war, by the idea of ‘psychic infection’, by sexual and physical power, by danger and the exotic.

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