Modern Classics: Book 2

This is what we’ve all been waiting for: the second in Donna Hay’s fresh two-book collection that updates timeless cookery classics and establishes some modern ones. These are the essential handbooks to perfect (or kick off) your cooking talents.

The pies, tarts, cakes, puddings and delicious slices of our childhood, as well as the tiramisu and crème brûlée of today, feature in Donna Hay’s ‘Modern Classics Book 2’.

It sits side by side with ‘Modern Classics Book 1’, bringing our old favourites very much into the 21st century, fixing which current sweet favourites will be remembered in the future and making Donna Hay an everyday name around the globe for decades to come.

Reviews of Modern Classics: Book 2

    • ‘If you are anything like me…almost always hungry, almost always pressed for time, almost always in the market for a fresh idea and absolutely always put off by the daunting complexity of chefs’ recipes – Donna Hay is for you.’ R.W. Apple Jr, food critic, New York Times
    • ‘Donna Hay is my inspiration.’ Jamie Oliver
    • ‘Hay’s are those affordable, big, sexy paperbacks, oozing irresistible things…the photography is equally seductive.’ Independent