Millennium People

J. G. Ballard

When a bomb explodes at Heathrow, it looks like just another random act of violence to psychologist David Markham. But when he discovers that his ex-wife is among the victims he is compelled to further investigate the mysterious and shocking circumstances surrounding her death. Acting on police suspicions he immerses himself in the strange world of London’s fringe protest movements. A quiet rebellion against middle-class normality is taking place. However as civic responsibility and the trappings of consumer society are jettisoned the movement grows steadily more bellicose and Markham is increasingly lured by the idea of revolution and terror.

Reviews of Millennium People

  • ‘Wonderfully warped, blackly comic…Written with Ballard’s customary panache, its potent mix of sex, violence and radicalism will keep his fans happy. Millennium People is at once deadly serious and slightly ridiculous – and somehow all the more unsettling for it’ Economist

    ‘Much of the fun of Millennium People – and it is one of the most amusing novels I’ve read in a long time – comes from watching as the world finally catches up with Ballard and Ballard, wryly, reacts’ Guardian

    ‘Terrifying and strangely haunting… A riveting work from a writer of rare imaginative largesse, a bearer of bad tidings, unforgettably told.’ Daily Telegraph

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