M: Son of the Century

Antonio Scurati


M. is a startling look into the fascist mindset, a portrait of unrelenting determination, and an impeccable work of historical fiction.

Italy is exhausted. Tired of the political class. Tired of the inept moderates and the agonizing machinations of a democracy that no longer seems to be working.

While the leaders of the country have sat idly in the safety of parliament, achieving nothing, one man on the outside has risen to the top.

He is a misfit par excellence, a protector of the demobilized, a lost drifter searching for the way. He speaks for the outcasts, the renegades and the ideologically pure. He is a former socialist leader ousted by his party, the director of a small opposition newspaper, a tireless political agitator.

Like an animal, he can smell that change is coming.

He is Benito Mussolini.

M tells the story of the rise of fascism from within the mind of its founder. Rich in historical detail, and interspersed with real documents and sources, this is a masterful work of historical fiction with urgent resonance for our times

Reviews of M: Son of the Century

    • ‘An anti-fascist history lesson disguised as a novel’ New York Times
    • ‘A masterful historical account, an extraordinary and stimulating book. A portrait of Benito Mussolini all the more accurate and powerful as it is factual and rigorous. An audacious, fluid, dazzling production. A brilliant story’Le Figaro
    • ‘An indisputable literary achievement. Scurati carefully examines history, with an experienced prose rich in literary allusions. Like Yourcenar, Gore Vidal, Sebald, Echenoz or Fences. Italo Calvino would have loved it’El Paìs
    • ‘Resembles a political thriller … surprisingly modern. A must read’ Die Zeit
    • ‘The novel Italy has been waiting for. A masterpiece.’ Roberto Saviano