Rachel Edwards

A tense, twisty novel about race, power, betrayal, survival – and an addiction so compelling it threatens to destroy everything in its path

‘A fresh, exhilarating voice’ Adele Parks

‘Impossible to put down’ Louise Hare, author of This Lovely City

Etta wants to get married. Ola, her partner, says he does too, but he’s also allergic to making concrete plans and keeps insisting that they save enough for a house deposit before they even think of marriage.
So Etta finds a way to start secretly making money: online gambling. And how lucky that she just happens to be so good at it.

Soon she’s playing quite a lot. She doesn’t like lying to Ola, but it’s all for the good of their relationship. She’s even made a friend on the site, StChristopher75, and she’s invited to a special VIP party. And even if she is losing a little money here and there – or even quite a lot – she’ll win it back eventually. In the mean time, perhaps StChristopher75 can help her out with a little loan, once she’s met him in real life. He’s just won big, and he’s been so friendly and helpful.

And he says her photo’s hot. Why wouldn’t he want to help her?

Reviews of Lucky

    • ‘A compelling, warm and clever read. Betrayal, blackmail, a marriage on hold, Lucky has all the ingredients of a page-turning thriller or a top-notch noir crime novel and yet Edwards is also writing towards conversations about race and everyday social injustice too. Read Lucky because it embraces the concerns of our everyday humanity in a post-Brexit, post-pandemic world of debt and insecurity. Her protagonist Etta, is driven by the forces of a world on the edge’ Monique Roffey, author of The Mermaid of Black Conch
    • ‘A fresh, exhilarating voice’ Adele Parks
    • ‘Unbelievably tense and twisty’ Laura Marshall, author of Friend Request
    • ‘This deep dive into gambling addiction packs a huge emotional punch. I devoured it’ Erin Kelly, author of He Said/She Said
    • ‘A brilliant portrayal of one woman’s descent into the world of online gambling – I felt every spin of the wheel; the highs of adrenaline followed by stomach churning nausea’ Nikki Smith, author of All In Her Head
    • ‘Tense beyond belief but impossible to put down. Dark, absorbing and brilliantly terrifying’ Louise Hare, author of This Lovely City
    • ‘Love, chance and betrayal all take a seat at the table in Rachel Edward’s compelling novel, Lucky. Delivered in Rachel’s exciting and original style is a winning storyline, crafted with excellence, packed with suspense and walk-off-the-page characters you’ll think about long after turning the last page’ Olivia Kiernan, author of Play Dead for Me
    • ‘Fast-paced, witty and clever, Rachel Edwards explores online gambling, race and migration, through her compelling characters and original voice’ Jenny Quintana, author of The Missing Girl
    • ‘Timely, absorbing, unsettling and unflinching, with a dark, knowing wit. I’ve been thinking about it for days and I’ll be recommending it to everyone’ Caz Frear, author of Sweet Little Lies

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