Love Your Enemies

Nicola Barker

From the brilliantly unconventional Nicola Barker, the short stories in ‘Love Your Enemies’ present a loving depiction of the beautiful, the grotesque and the utterly bizarre in the lives of overlooked suburban Britons.

Layla Carter, 16, from North London, is utterly overwhelmed by her plus-size nose. Rosemary, recently widowed and the ambivalent owner of a bipolar tomcat, meets a satyr in her kitchen and asks, ‘Can I feel your fur?’

In these ten enticingly strange short stories, a series of marginalised characters seek truth in the obsession and oppression of everyday existence, via a canine custody battle, sex in John Lewis and some strangely expressive desserts.

Reviews of Love Your Enemies

    • ‘One of the most exhilarating, audacious and ballsy writers of her generation’ Observer
    • ‘Barker’s writing is an antidote to, a laughing cure to, and an energiser for the more moribund forms of Englishness and English fiction’ Ali Smith, Guardian
    • ‘Like Roald Dahl, Barker can take a commonplace situation – cooking a meal, starting a diet, taking in a stray – and use it to bounce off into a surreal fantasy world’ Independent