Lost Hearts in Italy

Andrea Lee

Mira Ward, a writer, and her husband Nick, a banker, are a newly married American couple who seem to have the ideal life. Good-looking and in love, they are the envy of their family and friends. But when Nick is transferred to Rome, the two become classic innocents abroad. Fate intervenes when on a plane journey to join her husband, Mira – by pure chance – is given a first-class ticket. Impulsively giving her phone number to Zenin, a predatory Italian tycoon she meets on the plane, she sets in motion a chain of events that will reveal the cracks in her marriage and her self-image, and shatter her life as she knows it. Evoking the grandeur and romance of Italy, and weaving back and forth in time – between the current lives of Mira, Nick and Zenin, and the tumultuous days of the affair – ‘Lost Hearts In Italy’ is a haunting novel of betrayal and passion, about the sacrifices we make in the name of love, and the true cost of desire.

Reviews of Lost Hearts in Italy

  • ‘A sophisticated tale of seduction by sex, wealth