Little Book of Drinks

In 1999, Rich, Jon and Adam tested out their juices on the public at a little jazz festival. When their customers unanimously voted they should go into business, ‘innocent ltd’ (ltd stands for ‘little tasty drinks’) was born. They are now the producers of the nation’s favourite smoothies (according to the BBC, The Times and others). This book doesn’t assume that you’ve juiced before, and contains tips on equipment, how to choose and store your fruit and veg and the science behind why juice is good for you.

The book was written with the help of Professor Joe Millward, Director of the Centre for Food Safety and Nutrition. And while it also provides extensive nutritional information on the benefits of eating plenty of fruit and veg, it won’t bore you with facts and figures and it won’t urge you to go on a three-week juice fast.

Divided into three sections – Work, Rest and Play – the book features recipes that will prevent you from stapling your fingers together, drinks to pamper and comfort, and healthy cocktails to make you tipsy without giving you a hangover. Along the way the book answers questions on such things as seasonal ingredients, alcohol, organic produce, bio yoghurt and all fruit and veg imaginable. There’s also a picture of a monkey making some custard near the back.