Lila Says

An erotic contemporary love story, with the bestselling potential of ‘The Butcher’ or ‘Damage’ but of superior literary quality.

From their first meeting, the elusive 16-year-old Lila seduces Chimo with words. Is she speaking from experience or revelling in sexual fantasy? In this journal, Chimo records their meetings with dissarming simplicity, with an erroticism that is never sensationalised. At the same time he offers acerbic and witty insights into the grim urban environment near Paris where he and Lila live. Alongside the shocking ironies of Lila’s gripping story, LILA SAYS creates romance and beauty in a setting where those gifts are usually conspicuous by their absense. An original, unforgettable novel.

Reviews of Lila Says

    • ‘Beautiful, shocking and very sexy’ Alain de Botton‘A powerful, highly erotic and beautifully written book’ Maxim‘A beautifully written love story and, I believe, a classic.’ Nigel Slater