Laura Blundy

Julie Myerson

On a humid, thundery afternoon, Laura commits an appalling act – the murder of her husband. But is it so appalling to free yourself, to run after the only passion you’ve ever known? It is Billy who has to find an answer – Billy, fifteen years younger than her and already a father of five. But what he doesn’t know yet is that Laura also had a child, a child she gave up to the Foundling Hospital and whose memory will shape their future together in unimaginable ways.

Julie Myerson’s new novel moves through a Victorian London which is tender, murky and unsettling. A spectacularly eerie and unforgettable love story.

Reviews of Laura Blundy

  • ‘A sad, sexy thriller, shot through with startling events, grisly details and a love story with a conundrum you’ll be pondering for days.’ Independent on Sunday

    ‘To have put into words that which is beyond words is a measure of the author’s achievement – and her cunning – and the resulting book hits hard in the middle of the night.’ the Times

    ‘A gory little Victorian leg amputation, a red-haired surgeon, a crime of passion and an eerie atmosphere sees Julie Myerson on dark and dangerous form.’ Elle

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