Know the Truth (Text only)

George Carey

‘Know the Truth’ tells George Carey’s story from growing up in Dagenham to his experiences in the RAF in the early 1950s, of how he was to become Bishop of Bath and Wells and thereafter attained the position of Archbishop of Canterbury.

Utterly sincere and told with warmth and compassion, ‘Know the Truth’ shares George Carey’s story of marriage, family and friendship as well as addressing the wider political aspects of his time at Lambeth.

Reviews of Know the Truth (Text only)

  • ‘Endearing…genuinely funny…amusing political anecdotes.’ Sunday Times

    ‘Engaging and moving.’ A. N. Wilson, Evening Standard

    ‘There are as many scores settled here as in, say, Edwina Currie’s, and that is why they are a surprisingly engrossing read.’ Daily Telegraph

    ‘There is…something very refreshing about a contemporary churchman writing so openly about his personal relationship with God. For me, his confessions of doubt form the most vivid and attractive parts of his autobiography.’ Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday

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