Jeffrey Archer: Stranger than Fiction

Michael Crick

The book William Hague was mad to ignore. Completely updated, acclaimed biography of the extraordinary life of Jeffrey Archer – politician, fundraiser and storyteller.

Mary Archer calls it his “gift for inaccurate precis”; friends say he “embroiders”; to others he’s simply a liar. Whatever you think of Jeffrey Archer, you’ll be gripped by this fantastic story of energy and ambition, ruthlessness and riches, power and sex. Here, Michael Crick unravels the mysteries of Archer’s past – from his fraudster father to Archer’s days as a policeman and his arrest for shoplifting. He charts Archer’s huge success as a writer and his fame as a politician, party-giver, and would-be mayor of London, and he introduces the many women in Archer’s life – the prostitutes, the mistresses and his wife Mary. This classic biography reveals, with completely up-to-date information, the fascinating and fantastic tales behind Archer’s unquenchable ambition.

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