Help Line

Faye Sultan

Help Line is the second book in the Portia McTeague series by one of America’s foremost forensic psychologists, based on true-life murder cases in which she has served as an expert witness. In the psychiatric help line of the title, Portia McTeague knows one of her callers is a killer.

The town of Charlotte, North Carolina, is horrified by the brutal murder of a popular psychic and spiritual healer whose Cable TV call-in programme has gained quite a following among the local New Age community – especially when it becomes clear that this is only one of several violent killings.

Forensic psychologist Dr Portia McTeague has her own Help Line, taking shifts on a local crisis line that provides psychological consultation and referrals for troubled people. Like the caller who identifies himself only as ‘Ivan’. As Ivan’s calls increase, Portia begins to realise that he must be the killer at large…

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