Have your Cake and Eat It

Victoria Sabatowski

Nearly 50 per cent of marriages today end in divorce; most of these involve a third party. HAVE YOUR CAKE (and eat it) is a wry and poignant look at adultery and the gender war. Sam is an ordinary guy who works as a theme park designer, has a happy marriage and a brood of kids. He embarks on an affair with his beautiful younger design colleague, Allie. It’s a coup de foudre: he battles with temptation but eventually admits he’s in love with her on a trip to Spain to launch a new theme park. When Sam’s wife, Charlotte, learns of the affair she is torn between her fury and her wish to keep Sam and the family together. They come to a surprising arrangement – Sam will be allowed to ‘have his cake and eat it’ by living with Allie in the week and returning to Charlotte and the kids at the weekend – but in the end the tables are turned, the women gain the upper hand and Sam is left to decide if he can live by his own rules.