James Flint

An epic adventure, entwining twentieth-century science and technology into the bizarrely linked stories of three characters and a space dog.

Funny, complex, readable, moving – Habitus is a first novel of extraordinary scope and achievement.

With lightly worn erudtion and a natural gift for storytelling, James Flint entwines the troubled lives of Joel, Hasidic Jew and mathematical genius; Judd, misfit Hollywood gambler and victim of psychoanalysis; and Jennifer, precocious schoolgirl.

Through their bizarrely linked searches for meaning in a cacophonous late twentieth-century universe, Flint shows the development of the ‘digital revolution’ over the past 50 years and its effect on humanity. Ultimately, Habitus offers a philosophical vision of our relationship with the machines we create as well as with the history which created us.

’Alongside perhaps only Richard Powers, Flint has managed to find an enthralling fictional world in the contemporary technological maze.’ Time Out

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