Great British Inventions

Mark Tanner

Cast your eyes across forty years of British inventiveness and what would you expect to find? A vast collection of scatalogical obsession? Of course you would. And in this modest volume are some of the most immodest proposals, all of them genuine and legally registered with the patent office; a spanking selection of all that preoccupies the national psyche:

adjust your position in the special ‘chair for coition’

if you have the trots, try ‘inflatable chamber pots’

deal with that excrement with our ‘anal wiping implement’

in the park, up the garden path, all along the main drag you cannot afford to be without our patent ‘whoopsie bag’

if it meets your approval, try the ‘separating trouser-type garment for access without removal’… . and you thought the Japanese were strange.

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