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Richard Hell

Billy, down on his luck, smacked-out New York rock ’n’ roller, is offered a job and a way out of the rut. With his on-off girlfriend, Chrissa, he is asked to drive from California to New York and document the trip. He writes the words, Chrissa takes the photographs. The journey is a chance to make good his life with Chrissa, avoid the lure of heroin and test himself as the writer he always believed himself to be. It’s the prospect of a long road to redemption.

But life throws up too much grit and sand: Billy is offered many opportunites to score heroin, many more to betray Chrissa in a mazy series of sexual adventures. Billy is heading, in the words of the old song, at ‘ninety miles an hour down a dead end street’ and the end when it comes, is both tragic and comic as Billy, entwined in yet another woman’s embrace, is caught by Chrissa on film. He is a part of his own reckless, rowdy documentary.

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