Sebastian Junger

Forest fires, terrorism, war: thrilling adventure writing, as the bestselling author of THE PERFECT STORM brings his talents for exhilaration to new and overawing life-threatening situations.

The millions of readers and viewers of The Perfect Storm have long awaited this new work of non-fiction by Sebastian Junger. This time, we step off the deck of the Andrea Gail into an inferno. Here is the same enthralling prose brought to bear on the inner workings of a terrifying elemental force; here is a cast of characters ready to risk everything in the effort to bring that force under control.

Few writers have been to so many desperate corners of the world as Sebastian Junger, fewer still have provided such starkly memorable evocations of characters and events. From the murderous mechanics of the diamond trade in Sierra Leone and a deadly canyon fire in Idaho to guerilla warfare in Afghanistan and the forensics of genocide in Kosovo, Fire will take you where you wouldn’t dream of going on your own.

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