Father’s Music

Father’s Music

Dermot Bolger

From one of Ireland’s bestselling writers, a literary thriller set in London and Dublin.

A combination of family fable and gripping thriller, ‘Father’s Music’ tells the story of Tracey, the troubled twenty-two-year-old daughter of an Englishwoman and a wandering musician from Donegal. She knows very little about her father, who returned to Ireland before Tracey was born, but when she is taken to Ireland by her lover, a Dublin businessman with underworld connections, Tracey at last feels she is coming home – to her father’s land.

Caught up in Dublin low-life, tormented by memories of her dead mother and eager to follow up news of her father, Tracey finds her journey home to be a dangerous and extraordinary one…

Reviews of Father’s Music

    • ‘Father’s Music pulses to the rhythm of a taut romantic thriller. It is the work of a master craftsman, with intricate plotting and the interweaving of characters’ lives casting a hypnotic spell’Jack Hanna, Irish Times
    • ‘Dermot Bolger creates a Dublin, a particular world, like no one else writing can… It is the urban landscape of the thriller that Bolger has made exclusively his own’ Anne Haverty, Sunday Independent
    • ‘A masterly psychological thriller’ Sunday Telegraph