Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch

Rivka Galchen

The plague is spreading.
The hundred year war is beginning.
Katharina Kepler is believed to be a witch.

The startling, witty, highly anticipated second novel from the critically acclaimed author of Atmospheric Disturbances.

An illiterate widow, Katherina Kepley is known by her neighbours for her herbal remedies and the success of her children, including her eldest, Johannes, who is the Imperial Mathematician and renowned author of the laws of planetary motion. It’s enough to make anyone jealous, and Katharina has done herself no favours by being out and about and up in everyone’s business.

So when the deranged and insipid Ursula Reinbold (or as Katharina calls her, the Werewolf) accuses Katharina of offering her a bitter, witchy drink that has made her ill, Katharina is in trouble. Her scientist son must turn his attention from the music of the spheres to the job of defending his mother. Facing the threat of financial ruin, torture, and even execution, Katharina tells her side of the story.

Provocative and entertaining, Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch draws on real historical documents to touchingly illuminate a society, and a family, undone by superstition the state, and the mortal convulsions of history. It is a story of our time – of a community implicated in collective aggression and hysterical fear.

Reviews of Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch

    • Praise for Atmospheric Disturbances:
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    • ‘A novel of Borgesian erudition, wit, and playfulness, though its obsessively pursued subject is love, the enraptured lover, and the mystery of the beloved, the intersection of love’s fictions, realities, and pathologies … The prose jumps with one astonishing observation, insight, and description after another. Atmospheric Disturbances delivers unforgettable joy’ Francisco Goldman, author of The Divine Husband
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    • ‘She writes about her new baby as a puma; a plucked chicken; a force of nature that blows her apart and then puts her back together, different. A micro-masterpiece written in short, sharp, hallucinatory fragments’ Irish Times