Every Single Minute

Hugo Hamilton

‘Not only haunted by death, but also by beauty and the strangeness of being alive. A deeply memorable novel’ Colm Tóibín

‘… I have friends and family, I am in this wonderful country, I have money, there is nothing much wrong with me except I am dying.’

Úna has little over a week left to live and wants to see Berlin for the first and last time. Her friend Liam accompanies her. As the city streets open up to them, so too do their pasts. Úna recalls her life – her lovers, her famous father, her alcoholic mother and the death of her younger brother. For Liam the weekend becomes a lesson in true living from a friend he is about to lose.

Reviews of Every Single Minute

    • ‘A profound and moving portrait … He has brought those Berlin days back to irrepressible, complicated, poignant life’ Observer
    • ‘Told with economy and directness, it takes the reader to the heart of things … Ordinary moments take on great significance in this tale, which is as much about living in the moment as it is about revisiting the past’ Sunday Times
    • ‘Hamilton remains one of the most unpredictable and interesting of Irish writers … ‘Every Single Minute’ is a brave and contemplative novel’ Irish Times