Every Day Is Mother’s Day

Hilary Mantel

Barricaded inside their house filled with festering rubbish, unhealthy smells and their secrets, the Axon family baffle Isabel Field, the latest in a long line of social workers. Isabel has other problems too: a randy, untrustworthy father and a slackly romantic lover, Colin Sidney, history teacher to unresponsive yobs and father of a parcel of horrible children. With all this to worry about, how can Isabel begin to understand what is going on in the Axon household?

Reviews of Every Day Is Mother’s Day

  • ‘Strange…rather mad…extremely funny…she reminded me of the early Muriel Spark’ Auberon Waugh

    ‘Abrasive and amusing…crisp and intelligent’ Barbara Trapido

    ‘What a terrific book’ Fay Weldon

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