Escape the Diet Trap

Escape the Diet Trap

Dr. John Briffa

‘No need to count calories, go hungry or diet ever again’ The Times

This revolutionary book reveals:

  • Ten reasons why eating a low-fat, calorie controlled diet makes sustained weight loss virtually impossible.
  • Why the less hungry you are, the more weight you’ll lose.
  • How different types of calories have different fattening potential.
  • Why weight is not just about calories, but the impact our diet has on key hormones including insulin and leptin.
  • Why you should ignore foods labelled ‘low fat’ or ‘light’.
  • Why aerobic exercise has little impact on weight, and the type of exercise that does.
  • The simple and mental tricks to ensure permanent success.

Reviews of Escape the Diet Trap

    • ‘Briffa’s tips will leave you trim, toned and pleasantly hunger-free’ Woman
    • ‘I was really impressed, mainly because the weight loss was so quick’ Woman and Home
    • ‘Builds a sustainable relationships with food that will bring long-term weight loss without excessive hunger, calorie control or hunger’ Saga
    • ‘I lost 6lbs in two weeks, despite eating a lot more than usual. I’m hooked’ Cosmopolitan