Emotional Rollercoaster

Claudia Hammond

Claudia Hammond wrote and presented the acclaimed and very popular Radio 4 series ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ which explored the science of emotions: what they are, why they happen and how they are created.

Emotional Rollercoaster takes the reader through the full spectrum of emotions: fear, sadness, anger, happiness, disgust, hate, jealousy, love, sympathy and guilt. It traces the progress from fear, which is present from birth, to more complex emotions like sympathy and hope and explores the science behind them. Each emotion is vividly evoked by Claudia’s experiences and those of others.

This unique book explains clearly and memorably everything from why we feel better after a good cry to how bottling up your anger can be good for you. Packed with surprising discoveries and eccentric stories, Emotional Rollercoaster argues that emotions are far more complex than we realise.

Reviews of Emotional Rollercoaster

  • ‘Hammond summarises a formidable array of current research, weaving this gently between personal anecdotes, detailed accounts of some of the more lurid and entertaining experiments and nuggets of hard fact.’ Emma Crichton-Miller, Sunday Telegraph

    ‘Learn all about emotions with this book full of mind-bending facts. The answers to the questions affect all of us who ride the emotional rollercoaster every day.’ Sam Wostear, The Sun

    The R4 series Emotional Rollercoaster was described as “a wonderful series” by the Observer, “spellbinding” by the Irish Times and “a fascinating kaleidoscope of voices, observations and ideas” by the Sunday Express