Emergency Admissions: Memoirs of an Ambulance Driver

Kit Wharton

A glimpse into the extraordinary world of ambulance driving from the man behind the wheel.

‘Heart-stopping, eye-opening and jaw-dropping. Sometimes painful, sometimes sad, often very, very funny’ Craig Brown

An S&M party gone horribly wrong

A dead man locked in a car with a hungry bull terrier

A teenage girl with suspicious abdominal pains

And a man who’s fainted, frightened he was allergic to his cheese and onion sandwich

… It’s just another day at work for Kit Wharton

After a childhood picked in alcohol and punctuated by parental fighting, stints in journalism and house removals, Kit Wharton joined the NHS ambulance service. He hasn’t looked back. This is his report from the front line: 999 calls that hurtle him to the critical moment in other peoples’ lives.

Reviews of Emergency Admissions: Memoirs of an Ambulance Driver

    • ‘An adrenaline-filled ride through the highs and lows of lifeon the NHS frontline … Memorable and blackly humorous’Express
    • ‘Entertaining and eye-opening’ The Times