East of Acre Lane

Alex Wheatle

The award winning second novel from the author of Brixton Rock. East of Acre Lane is a sizzling tale of love, family and doing the right thing set against the backdrop of one of the most explosive moments in London’s history.

Biscuit feels like his life is running out of control. He needs to sort himself out fast but how? Biscuit and Coffin Head hustle on the front line for Nunchaks. He wants to give it up but he also needs to support his family – his mother, his sister, Denise and his brother, Royston. He knows he should be looking for a job, Carol tells him that every time they meet.

Perhaps he should listen to Jah Nelson, who tells him that education is the key. But Biscuit has chosen a bad time to sort himself out: Brixton is angry – tempers are high and ready to burst and, worst of all, Denise has just caught the eye of Nunchaks. As the riots begin, Biscuit has to make a choice, whatever the consequences, that will change his life forever.

East of Acre Lane, is a searing account of a young man’s attempt to do the right thing set against the backdrop of one of the most explosive moments in London’s history.

Reviews of East of Acre Lane

    • ‘Alex Wheatle’s second novel is a rhythmic, fast talking tour of the tower blocks of South London… writing in a street slang that reads like an urgent urban poetry, Wheatle catches the dialogue of the friends and contrasts it with passages of distilled description. It is this blend of frantic action and thoughtful writing that ranks Alex Wheatle… as one of the most exciting writers of the black urban experience.’ The Times
    • ‘Action packed, funny and filled with cocky banter between its teenage male characters, references to reggae music and street style, its a cool, credible read… Wheatle has written a hard hitting novel which is an incendiary reminder of one of the most explosive events in London’s post war history.’ Big Issue
    • ‘This is a vibrant book pulsing with the reggae beats of the era. The dialogue… has rhythm and inventiveness.’ Independent on Sunday
    • ‘Wheatle’s novel is a bright, adventurous tale, jammed to the rafters with a parade of fine hustlers, headcases and herbsmen.’ The Latest