Dream Brother

David Browne

When Jeff Buckley drowned in 1997, the music world was shaken to its foundations, not least because of the echoes of his father Tim’s demise. He too had been a brilliant and innovative musician with an extraordinary five-octave voice; and he too had died young, 28 in fact, after an accidental drugs overdose. But there the similarities end. Jeff hardly knew Tim, spending little more than a few weeks with him as a boy. Their careers were very different, Tim releasing eight albums in his lifetime, including the beautiful HappySad and the extraordinary and still out-there Starsailor, while Jeff released just one – the brilliant Grace, generally acknowledged as one of the great albums of the 90s.

More than just a biography of two musicians, Dream Brother is the story of what happens when The Business hooks up with The Artist, ultimately to neither’s benefit.

Reviews of Dream Brother

  • ‘A rich and moving portrait of two damaged, gifted people’ – Esquire.com
    ‘As much poetry as biography’ – Mojo
    ‘A highly accomplished, dual biography by the well respected writer David Browne.’ – Irish Times