Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl

Tracy Quan

It’s 2002 and New Yorkers from every walk of life are anxious about the local economy. A girl can’t always meet her quota, and hotel security’s a lot more challenging than it was last summer. So, feeling ambivalent about having a baby with Matt, Nancy accepts an offer to travel with Milton, her most favoured customer, to the South of France, where he has recently purchased a vacation home. Besides, it’s ego-enhancing to be offered big bucks by a hugely successful guy and whilst Nancy has resisted travelling with her johns in the past, she now jumps at the chance to leave New York. Using her own mother as an alibi, Nancy tells Matt that Mom (divorced, running a B&B in Wales) has planned a mother-daughter vacation in the South of France, so they can check out some property together. In reality, we find Nancy and her friends getting up to some unwholesome frolics in Milt’s pad, with a new cast of colourful characters – including an international madam living in St-Tropez – and a startling romantic collision involving Duncan, Milt’s cook, to keep things interesting.

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