Diamond Geezers

Greg Williams

The Football Factory meets Green River Rising or Bonfire of the Vanities meets Get Carter. London urban thriller – hilarious, disturbing, sharp as a broken bottle but also brutally realistic.

In a world of polo geezers and page three princesses, not a million miles from Illingford, terrace legend Russell Fisher gets a job as Ron Chisholm’s minder. Ron’s a local villain who runs a tidy loansharking and gambling operation. But Ron’s got something else Russell wants besides a job, something from way back, something feminine…

Coucillor Goodge is trying to keep his head above water. He’s rubber-stamped the odd late licence for Ron’s clubs. He figures Ron owes him. Local residents are pressuring him about race hate crimes. He’s being squeezed from power. He needs a bit of muscle and he knows just where to find it.

Kaffir Khan’s on life support. He owes folding to Ron, so he’d had a visit from Ron’s little brother Trevor. It isn’t personal. It isn’t even a lot of money. But Trevor’s a psycho… And Trevor’s hired Russell for Ron…

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