Daughter of Fortune

Isabel Allende

Set in Anglophile Chile and goldrush California during the middle years of the nineteenth century, this magnificent romance tells the story of English foundling Eliza Sommers who grows up in the bustling entrepot of Valparaiso. Eliza is a spirited, sparky and ambitious romantic who becomes embroiled in a forbidden love affair with the charismatic but capricious Joaquin Andieta. When he disappears suddenly for California, and the promise of riches that rumours of gold strikes have brought him, she can but follow after him…

Reviews of Daughter of Fortune

  • ‘As broad ranging and lyrical as “The House of the Spirits.”’ Daily Telegraph

    ‘A masterpiece of historical fiction.’ New York Times

    ‘An extravagant tale by a gifted storyteller whose spell brings to life the 19th century world…Entertaining and well paced…compelling.’ Los Angeles Times

    ‘It is packed with incident, rushing from one highly coloured scene to the next … If you like your passions grand and your views panoramic, then “Daughter of Fortune” will be irresistible…you’ll find it hard not to be beguiled by the charm and ingenuity of Allende’s storytelling.’ The Times