Cops and Other Robbers

I. K. Watson

A strong and gripping hard-boiled police procedural crime novel in the Lynda la Plante vein about the hunt for a paedophile and killer of young girls whose victims are seen getting into a car driven by a policeman.

No one knows the real reason why Rick Cole has to leave Scotland Yard but there are rumours of a corruption investigation. DC Hazel McLintock doesn’t like him, at least not to begin with, then it’s a different story. But his cracking of the notorious paedophile case of the Ice Cream Man made him something of a hero. So how has he wound up in Sheerham nick?

Now Sheerham’s got its own paedophile on the loose. He’s killed once and now he’s kidnapped D S Baxter’s daughter. All anyone knows is that she was seen getting into a car driven by a policeman. Shifting between the police investigation and the underground of the villains, Cops And Other Robbers delves into the seamy underworld of drug dealers, prostitutes, underage runaways, down-and-outs, spaced out surfers, Guardian readers, necrophiliacs and cops and other robbers.

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