Daniel Clay

Now a major film, ‘Broken’ introduces you to the Oswalds – crass, cruel and seemingly untouchable. Until they go one step too far – and an entire community is torn apart.

Skunk Cunningham is a normal little girl, who nags her dad about smoking and always thrashes him on the X-box. She’s being bullied by the Oswald girls who live next-door. And she has a crush on Mike, the au pair’s boyfriend, who also happens to be her new teacher at school.

But then one day Skunk watches Bob Oswald beat friendless teenager Rick Buckley to a bloody pulp, and life on Drummond Square is never the same again.

Now a major film – winner of ‘Best British Independent Film’ and ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Rory Kinnear at the British Independent Film Awards 2012 – Broken is Skunk’s attempt to withstand a world intent on breaking all she holds precious, as her neighbourhood struggles to rebound from this brutal act of cruelty.

Reviews of Broken

    • ‘There are many good things here: it’s bold, prescient, engaging and oddly touching.’ Guardian
    • ‘A seething indignation propels the narrative to its violent conclusion.’ Arena
    • ‘This is a novel whose plot and vivid, pared-down imagery bravely patrol the terrifying border at which the human blurs into the bestial and inanimate…remarkably controlled and disciplined…Clay’s triumph is in exploring the kindness and love that might heal and restore – and what it is to feel fully alive.’ Anita Sethi, Independent
    • ‘It’s funny and sad and moving…and ultimately very engaging.’ Francesca Segal, Observer
    • ‘A moving, intriguing and at times funny debut novel.’ Daily Express

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