British Baking: The Floury Corner of the Kitchen

British Baking: The Floury Corner of the Kitchen

Dan Lepard

A comprehensive book about British baking by Dan Lepard, who has worked with master chefs such as Giorgio Locatelli of Locanda Locatelli and Fergus Henderson of St John’s.

This compendium of British baking gives renewed life to the important recipes of the last 200 years, and aims to produce results that work in the modern kitchen without bastardising the good intentions of old traditions.

Containing over 150 recipes – ranging from the everyday loaf to Christmas puddings, apple pies, shortbreads, cakes and biscuits – this book digs out the best of British baking and brings it to a new audience, one that has become disillusioned with the cheapness and tastelessness of modern bread.

Illustrated with photographs taken by Dan Lepard himself, ‘British Baking’ is an absolute kitchen essential.

Reviews of British Baking: The Floury Corner of the Kitchen

    • ‘A stash of recipes inspired by the austere breads of the Baltic and Ukraine: the kind of loaves that are baked in Hansel–and–Gretel–style ovens, and flavoured with dill pickle juice, chestnuts and soured milk.’ Saturday Telegraph
    • ‘Dan Lepard’s “The Handmade Loaf”, and “Casa Moro” by Sam and Samantha Clark, should probably get joint first prize for inspiration and conviction. Lepard is a baker. His book is remarkable. It oozes knowledge, curiosity and love for its subject. It is not for the beginner. But I doubt a better book will be written on the subject for a few years to come.’ Guardian
    • ‘One of the world’s best bakers.’ Observer Food Monthly
    • ‘Constantly travelling the world in search of different techniques and traditions, his supreme skill is his empathy with people who bake, from grandmothers using ancient ovens to cutting edge chefs.’ The Times