Best Seat In The House

Spike Lee

Best Seat in the House is a love letter from a passionate, unswerving fan to basketball, the New York Knickerbockers and their thirty-year relationship through disappointment, triumph, bad calls and air balls. It’s a slam dunk.

Spike Lee has written an basketball memoir that travels through the history of basketball in the US as it progressed from a fringe sport with a graveyard television slot to its present big-money spectacular filled with inflated salaries and egos to match. The rise of baseball parallels the rise of Shelton Jackson [Spike] Lee as he moves from the world of the skinny kid playing ball on the streets of Brooklyn through the college student and rookie film-maker who sneaks into the cheapest seats thanks to his student discount, to the point at which he is the director of Malcolm X and the possessor of the courtside seat he presently occupies: the best in the house. Lee mixes with Woody Allen, another New York Knicks regular and Michael Jordan in a story that cherishes the heroes of the sport, its struggles and its moments of sporting glory.

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