Anthropology: and a hundred other stories

Dan Rhodes

101 short stories, all 101 words in length. Romance collides head-on with the comic and surreal in Dan Rhodes’s uniquely entertaining first publication.

An ingenious series of perfect miniatures of doomed love.

With incredible economy each story holds up a cracked mirror to the private peculiarities of human relationships. The woman who uses cider for make-up remover; the lover whose field-work with Mongolian gays inspires her to sprout a handlebar moustache; the caring mother who binds her baby’s feet under the misapprehension that he’s a girl. Comic monologue meets the discipline of the sonnet writer, filtered by an imagination to rival Lewis Carroll.

Reviews of Anthropology: and a hundred other stories

    • ‘The funny ones are all the funnier for being brief; the sad ones, all the sadder for being sparse. Every one a twenty-second gem; just don’t read them all at once.’ Maxim
    • ’Very funny and very sharp.’ The Times
    • ’Misanthropic, macabre and mordant tales of doomed couplings herald the arrival of Dan Rhodes.’ i-D