Peter Cameron

The chilling story of a man attempting to flee his mysterious past- by the acclaimed author of THE WEEKEND.

After a devastating personal tradgedy, a man leaves the United States to begin a life abroad. The country that he settles in, Andorra, eerily re-echoes his past, especially when he begins to fall in love with two women simultaneously.

The small nation is populated by the colourful and the bizarre like the ancient Mrs. Reinhardt who has outlived the lifetime lease of the Hotel Excelsior penthouse; the Dents, an Australian couple who share a first name, a huge dog and a secret; Saphonsobia Quay, the kayaking matriarch with two beautiful and mysterious daughters; Ali, the fatalistic coffee purveyor and Alexander Fox who not only finds himself in a foreign country but also in a crisis of faith, conscience and identity.

ANDORRA is a sinister, beautiful novel about deceit, desire and the persistance of memory.

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