All Quiet on the Orient Express

Magnus Mills

As the wet lakeland fells grow misty and the holiday season draws to a close…

As the tourists trickle away from the campsite, along with the sunshine, and the hot water, and the last of the good beer…

A man accidentally spills a tin of green paint, and thereby condemns himself to death.

Reviews of All Quiet on the Orient Express

  • ‘Absorbing, darkly worrying and very, very funny’ The Times

    ‘Brilliant, hilariously surreal. Like the Coen Brothers directing an Alan Bennett play… Fantastic.’ Daily Mirror

    ‘So refreshingly original it is astounding. He is also very funny.’ New Statesman

    ‘Less like a novel than a shaggy-dog story, told by a lucid madman in a dank country pub, which so expertly keeps you guessing and imagining unseen horrors that you ignore the storyteller’s eccentricities and keep topping up his beer until the very end’ Literary Review