Daniel Handler

A dramatic meditation on love both fleeting and everlasting, ‘Adverbs’ is a serious work of fiction by one of today’s most innovative voices.

‘Adverbs’ marks the return of Daniel Handler to adult fiction as he tackles life’s most complicated and compelling noun: love. In a series of intersecting narratives that explore variations of that ineffable feeling, Handler crafts a moving and shifting story exploring the frustrating glory of this most troublesome of emotions.

Two friends, one dying and one lonely; an adolescent’s first homosexual stirrings for his sister’s boyfriend; a doomed, enormously inappropriate tryst between a taxi driver and his passenger; a high-school crush that falls painfully short of a movie projected on a grungy screen. Handler’s characters experience love in all of its dark, triumphant, devastating and sneaky forms. In ‘Adverbs’, Daniel Handler reveals to us how the most universal of themes is also the most unknown.

‘Love was in the air, so both of us walked through love on our way to the corner. We breathed it in, particularly me.’

Reviews of Adverbs

    • ‘The ingenuity and panache of these stories is instantly attractive.’ Daily Telegraph
    • ‘One of our most dazzling literary conjurers shuffles the deck of contemporary consciousness and desire. A thrilling feat of tragic magic.’ Michael Chabon
    • ‘Handler’s writing is artful, perverse, irreverent, truthful and ridiculous – but it’s rarely less than brilliant.’ New Statesman
    • ‘Witty, perplexing…This is an interesting and intelligent work, of which I think Lemony Snicket would be proud.’ Literary Review
    • ‘Cleverly held together…as thought-provoking as it is confusing.’ FT Magazine
    • ‘Exuberantly funny voice and ability to lard his stories with details that return, pages later, with multiplied resonance.’ Scotsman
    • ‘Handler shows great skill in drawing characters and telling their stories. Beguilingly, humorously and at times brilliantly. Definitely worth reading…’ Express
    • ‘He’s enjoying himself. He’s simply taken the tricks out for a joyride and the reader has been invited along.’ Sunday Business Post

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