A Vicious Circle

Amanda Craig

A brilliantly witty satire of modern manners, dissecting and connecting modern London, from its literary circuit to its hospitals and slums, as well as giving a funny and poignant portrait of childbirth and motherhood.

This gripping, moving and hiliarious novel introduces seven characters, each of whom has a profound effect on each other’s lives. Each must choose between probity and self-interest in love and work. Some compromise themselves completely; others oscillate between vice and virtue. Others are redeemed by twists of fate. For in a vicious circle, nothing is certain except change.

For five years timid Mary Quinn has supported her lover, Mark Crawley, in his rise to one of London’s most savage political journalists. Now Mark has started a calculated affair with Amelia, daughter of a newspaper magnate. Mary ‘s translation from jilted lover to a figure of power and vengeance is mirrored by Amelia’s change from vain, snobbish socialite to exhausted mother.

A dazzling plot and lucid, absorbing style characterise this deliciously satirical portrait of the way we live now.

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