A Long December

Donald Harstad

Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman returns for the latest instalment in the fast-paced crime series, Harstad’s most compelling novel yet.

In a rural part of Nation County the body of a dead male is discovered in a ditch, one gunshot wound to the head. A routine investigation for Carl Houseman and his team, perhaps. Except strangely there is no way of identifying him: no fingerprint records, no dental records, nothing. Enter an FBI investigator, a new face from the bureau, who suspects it is the body of a Columbian terrorist. Meanwhile, a local meat-packing plant has been accused of passing off contaminated produce. In a town straining under the pressure of mass immigration, the Jewish plant owners suspect foul play. Can there be a connection with the Columbian corpse? Houseman and FBI agent Hester Gorse chase the leads once again in another nail-biting race to discover the truth.

Reviews of A Long December

    • ‘Former deputy sheriff Harstad has delivered another cracking Carl Houseman crime story’ Esquire
    • ‘Harstad’s books are terrific and really capture the atmosphere of small-town America, where the twentieth century almost seems to have slipped by unnoticed.’ Independent on Sunday
    • ‘Harstad’s first-hand experience ensures his storytelling always rings true.’ Arena

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