A Gathering of Spies

John Altman

“If there are thriller writers better than this, I’d like to know who they are. John Altman is a major new talent on the scene” JACK HIGGINS

A female Nazi agent bearing the secrets of Los Alamos is pitted against an MI5 agent bearing secrets of his own in this electrifying debut.

In 1943, America thought it had rounded up all the German spies on its soil. It was wrong. Now, Germany’s greatest weapon – a woman who has gone further into the US system, while remaining intricately tied to the Third Reich – is headed home with critical information about the atomic bomb. The Allies’ only defence is a British agent. But the British agent has agendas of his own. Originally recruited into MI5 to pose as a double agent, he’s been telling the Germans he’d do anything to ensure his wife’s freedom. His wife who he knows is in Dachau. Can anyone be trusted?

Reviews of A Gathering of Spies

    • ‘A ripping read, a book to devour at one sitting.’ Alan Hill, Daily Telegraph
    • ‘An exceptional page turner.’ Bookseller
    • ‘A sizzling zinger of a classic spy story, full of action, suspense and wheels within wheels. With his lean, taut style, Altman doesn’t waste a word. Wow!’ Stephen Coonts
    • ‘A pulse-pounding debut thriller.’ Glamour

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