A Film by Spencer Ludwig

David Flusfeder

A hilarious and heartbreaking father-son road movie of a novel.

Spencer Ludwig, idealist and filmmaker, is making one of his regular duty visits from London to New York City to tend to his declining but still fearsome father. Driving back from one of their doctors’ appointments, Spencer decides not to take the turn to his father’s apartment: instead, they hit the road. Ahead of them will be an emotional ride taking in police and prostitutes, film festivals and gambling in Atlantic City, as father and son try to make sense of each other’s lives and hearts, and their own. To reach, Spencer hopes, a suitably cinematic conclusion.

Reviews of A Film by Spencer Ludwig

    • ‘A classy and original novel – wry, sad, tough-minded and stylishly written.’ Al Alvarez
    • Reviews for “The Pagan House”:
    • ‘Flusfeder is a genuinely original writer with a fine ear and fluent style. His previous novel, “The Gift”, raised expectations of a flowering talent; this does not disappoint.’ The Mail on Sunday
    • ‘Quite a book…’The Pagan House’ is the kind of book that, as it eschews authorial stridency, plays down its finest passages of prose and tells its best jokes in an undertone, risks not being recognised as the small masterpiece that it is. After reading it, though, you won’t want it any other way.’ Daily Telegraph
    • ‘[A] madly brilliant, hilarious and tender portrait of adolescent angst.’ Daily Mail
    • ‘”The Pagan House” is a sophisticated coming-of-age narrative with, appropriate to any shucking away of childish things, a darkening tone ushered in by the double-twist in Flusfeder’s denouement.’ Sunday Telegraph
    • ‘David Flusfeder is a deliciously talented writer …”The Pagan House” is terrific fun.’ New Statesman