365 Ways to Change the World

Michael Norton

You watch the news every night. You turn off your television set, disturbed by what you’ve seen and wondering what, if anything, you can do to make a difference. This is the book you need to get started. You may think that the issues which confront us are so huge, so complicated, so difficult to deal with that it’s hard to believe anything we can do will have a meaningful impact but Michael Norton will prove you wrong. A lot of people doing a lot of little things could have a huge impact. This book has an idea-a-day for changing the world. Most are quite simple, can be done from home, and will not take much time. You can make a start whenever you like. Just open the book at today’s date, read, enjoy, be inspired to action – and do something!

Reviews of 365 Ways to Change the World

  • ‘If you want to make a difference then I can do no better than to recommend this book.’ Daily Telegraph

    ‘Michael Norton is a one-man “ideas factory” whose new book suggests some whacky ways in which, with a little bit of effort, people really can change the world for the better.’ Guardian

    ‘By far the most enticing and informative book…I finally stopped being a cynic.’ Daily Mail

    ‘If you want to help bring about change but don’t know where to start, this is the book for you…packed with ideas, information and useful websites.’ Woman and Home

    ‘This book has something for every day of the year and makes you think about the state of the planet; pollution, corruption, aids, starvation, disease and the lack of freedom to name but a few.’ Impac News

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