Ross Alloway

Ross Alloway, PhD, is the CEO of Memosyne Ltd, a company that brings cutting-edge scientific research to parents. He was involved in the development of the WMQ Tester and Trainer, as well as Jungle Memory, an online training program for Working Memory. Based at the University of Edinburgh, Ross has taught English literature internationally to a variety of students, from the fifth grade to PhD level. Ross has also published research on Working Memory. Working with elite ultra-marathoners, as well as regular runners, Ross has been addressing the question of whether the recent barefoot running phenomenon has advantages for the brain as well as clear physical benefits. He is also interested in the impact of a highly saturated technological environment on the brain. His research, together with Dr. Tracy Alloway, has looked at high school students and adults to investigate the effect of social media like Facebook and Twitter on cognitive skills (IQ and Working Memory). These projects have received substantial international media interest in the last twelve months, resulting in hundreds of articles (print and online). Ross is also involved in cutting-edge research on brain training, and has co-published work on the growth and decline of Working Memory over the lifespan, as well as the importance of Working Memory in education, which was featured on the BBC Radio and the Sunday Times.

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