Jill Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon

Jill Duchess of Hamilton, former newspaper journalist in both Australia and Fleet Street, was born and educated in Sydney. She was sent to London as a correspondent for the Murdoch press in Australia. Assignments took her to America, India, Russia and Vietnam. In the late 1980s when living in France she started writing about Napoleon’s family which led her both to the Hamilton achives in Scotland, and to the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon whom she married. She is co-author, among other books, of ‘The Flower Chain’, ‘The Gardens of William Morris’ and ‘Scottish Plants for Scottish Gardens’. She has just completed ‘Napoleon, the Empress & the Artist’. Now divorced she lives in London and spends part of the year at her house on Magnetic Island in the Great Barrier Reef.

Books by Jill Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon

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