Donna Hay

Donna Hay, winner of the 2001 Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award, is a food stylist and magazine food editor in Australia.

Donna has a talent for creating fresh, fast and beautiful recipes which reflect modern lifestyles. Recognising that her signature style – simplicity and sophistication of ingredients, preparation and presentation – needed a wider canvas, Donna became a freelance food writer and stylist at nineteen. She joined Marie Claire as food editor at twenty-five and was then appointed food director of both Marie Claire and Marie Claire Lifestyle. Donna was the Food Editor of the Good Living section for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Epicure section in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper before her recent appointment as Food Editor for News Magazines, producing six magazines each year as well as weekly columns for a number of leading Australian national newspapers.

Donna’s approach to cooking is a celebration of the abundance of fresh produce now available in Australia, and of the lighter cooking styles our leading chefs espouse. Donna and her contemporaries are providing a taste that is lighter, healthier and full of fresh flavour.

Donna’s aim is to inspire even those with the most basic cooking skills by producing the most versatile recipes that can be put together for a fast mid-week meal, or a stunning course at a formal dinner party.

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