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  • Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore

    • Jun 11, 2020 •

    An introduction

    I have been asked to write a few words about the origins of my debut novel, Valentine. This should be a simple enough task, and one that every writer who is fortunate enough to sell her book should be prepared to complete in a timely fashion. How did I get the idea for the book? How long did it take to write? Where do my characters come from? How much of the book is autobiographical? And yet, shortly after I sold my book, when this question was first posed to me in an “author’s profile,” I sat at my desk, on and off, for weeks, trying to figure out how to answer the simplest of questions about a book that I had privately been calling “this damn book” for nearly a decade.

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  • Kirstin Innes introduces Scabby Queen

    • Jun 8, 2020 •

    The 30th April would have been publication day for Kirstin Innes fantastic new novel Scabby Queen before the pandemic caused the release date to be delayed. To mark the occasion, Kirstin shared some of the inspiration behind the novel on Twitter, answered readers’ questions, and gave us a sneak peak with a couple of readings from the book.

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